There will be an informational meeting for all 7th grade girls who would like to tryout for junior princess, as well as 11th grade girls who would like to tryout for senior princess, and 11th grade bo...
Thursday, April 14th, 2022
The Preston County Fire Association is seeking a renewal on our Fire Levy to fund each of the 12 Volunteer Fire Departments, to meet the needs of our communities when emergencies or disaster strike. F...
Monday, April 11th, 2022
On behalf of the Kingwood Volunteer Fire Department, we would like to officially welcome three new members that were sworn in today; Craig Bast, Hunter Bishop, and Jay Huffman.
Saturday, January 8th, 2022
Kingwood VFD is happy to announce that we have been awarded a couple of grants over the past several weeks, including the SAFER grant and a stimulus grant. The SAFER grant was awarded to help compensa...
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Welcome to Kingwood Volunteer Fire Department

The Kingwood Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1899 and is located in Kingwood, West Virginia, the county seat of Preston County. The KVFD protects the city of Kingwood, which is 2.4 square miles with a population of about 3200. The KVFD also protects outlying areas such as Manown, Preston, Howesville and Caddell Mountain. This makes our total area of coverage about 54 square miles with a population of 5200. The majority of this area is rural and in some cases without fire hydrants. In our area we protect Matthews Bronze, Preston Memorial Hospital, Appalachian Wood Pellets, Preston High School and Camp Dawson. The 3 major routes through our area are Rt.7, Rt.26 and Rt.72. The Cheat River also flows through our area. The Preston County HIRT team (Hazards Incident Response Team,) Company 30 also meets and houses equipment at KVFD. Preston County has 11 other fire departments, 5 ambulance squads and Company 17, the County Dive Team. 

County Fire Departments

Company 1 Albright

Company 2 Aurora

Company 3 Bruceton-Brandonville

Company 4 Fellowsville

Company 5 Kingwood

Company 6 Masontown

Company 7 Mt. Grove

Company 8 Newburg

Company 9 Reedsville

Company 10 Rowlesburg

Company 11 Terra Alta

Company 12 Tunnelton

County Ambulance Squads

Station 3 Bruceton Mills

Station 4 Union

Station 10 Rowlesburg

Station 11 Terra Alta

Station 15 KAMP

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